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the premier co-op gaming group for players who love to play together. 

Whether you're a fan of Rust, The Forest, Son of the Forest, or any other co-op games, you've come to the right place.



Community fostering relationships

Who we are: 

We are a group of Rust enthusiasts: Rustinator, Rustman, michse and FloW.

We love exploring, building and sharing the fun with others.

Despite all the love for the game Rust from developers Facepunch, the standard weekly or monthly wipes always bothered us.

Since we see ourselves as long-term gamers who can be online sporadically and not every day, we looked for solutions and ultimately decided on our own Server without forced wipes to create. 

We would like to share this gaming experience with you.

Community Guidelines:

We promote kindness and collaboration.

Let's make this world a little better!

Although our goal is a peaceful server environment, we know that not all Rust players feel this way, especially since the real point of the game is just survival.

That's why we offer offline 'Raid Protection' for your bases on our server.

It is optional and can be activated on your tool cabinet for a certain period of time. 

Payment in advance applies: 
time in exchange for scrap.

Stay tuned: 

For current information just give
/info in the in-game chat.


dedicated game server

Come to us on ours Gaming server for Rust from Facepunch!

We offer an incredible gaming experience for all co-op enthusiasts, whether beginner or professional.

Since we are long-term players and the monthly wipes bothered us, we decided to create our own server without wipes.

We also forego the usual building decay, offer optional raid protection and numerous exciting add-on events.

Immerse yourself in the world of Rust with a friendly community that supports you every step of the way.

Let's form a team and conquer Rust together!

You can find our server at the following IP

Simply press “F1” in the game and enter “client.connect”.

Join us on Discord at 


to connect with fellow Rust enthusiasts, share tips and tricks, and stay updated on all the latest server news and events.

We look forward to seeing you!

Have suggestions or feedback? 

Let us know in-game or via email.




Latest News
updates and events

What's new? 

Despite our efforts, as with many other servers, a complete wipe initiated by the developer Facepunch occurred at the beginning of April after over 180 days

But no fear! We see this as an opportunity for a new beginning and pave the way for long-term gaming enjoyment together.

We used this new beginning to introduce Advanced Research.

Advanced Research is a new system where blueprints can only be created through the Research Bank.

It's a game-changer that adds more depth and excitement to the game.

Since the one, our map on the server is already more than 4 days without a wipe.

And we are glad to see new and familiar faces here on the server.

Player A-K is new and plays more than 24 hours here on 'Rusthude [the friendly one]' and reached therefore the status of a Loyal Player.

Loyal players can keep their bases unlimited with optional Raid Protection on.

Want to protect your base? 

Activate Raid Protection at the tool cabinet in exchange for scrap. 

Keep your base safe from attackers!

Latest Additions:

We've introduced exciting new add-ons:

1. Airfield Event
2. Convoy Event
3. Drone Event
4. Gas Station Event
5. Heavy Excavator Event
6. Heavy Water Treatment Event
7. Missile Silo Event
8. Train Yard Event
9. Water Bases

Enjoy the variety and let us know your thoughts!

(latest updatet: April 7th, 2024)



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